u:card - The new ID card

As of the 2017/18 winter semester, the University of Vienna will change from the student ID card issued in the past to the new u:card. The implementation process will start at the end of August and will be rolled out gradually – with 94,000 students, a smooth transition is necessary. In the coming winter semester, students will still receive the student ID and semester sticker in their familiar form. They will receive an e-mail as soon as the new u:card in credit card format is ready to order. The new u:card, which also serves as the library card, will then replace the “old” student ID.

In addition, the u:card will also serve as the employee ID card starting in the 2018 summer semester.



The u:card is the University of Vienna’s new student ID card. It becomes valid as soon as it has been validated at one of the u:card terminals.

Please click here for the u:card terminals

Distributing the new card

Due to the large number of new ID cards that have to be issued, the u:cards will be handed out gradually. Between the end of August 2017 and December 2017, the University’s 94,000 students will receive e-mails informing them when their new u:card in credit card format is ready to order, which will replace their “old” student ID.

The u:card will be delivered by post to the address you provided in the order (this only applies to EU/EEA countries).
The first u:cards will be sent out in the middle of October.

Postal delivery is not possible for:
Incoming Erasmus+ students and Erasmus+ International Mobility students as well as those on the Non-EU Student Exchange Programme. These students will be able to pick up their u:cards from the International Office. Postgraduate students will be able to collect theirs from the appropriate service center.


The u:card works both as a student ID card and as a library card. When ordering your new u:card via u:space, you will have to accept the library’s terms and conditions in order to use library services.


Do you have any further questions about the u:card? Click here for FAQ.