u:card - The new ID card

The u:card is the new student ID card of the University of Vienna and is issued since the winter semester 2017/18.

Prospective students who start studying for the first time in the summer semester of 2018 will receive their u:card after admission by post.

Although active students still receive their student ID and semester sticker in their familiar form in the summer semester, they can order their new u:card in credit card format at any time and thus replace the orange student ID. The u: card for students serves also as the library card.



Persons who start studying at the University of Vienna for the first time in the summer semester of 2018 do not have to order the u:card themselves. The u:card will be automatically ordered in the course of the admission and sent by post (EU/EEA countries only).

Students who currently have an orange student ID can order their u:card in u:space under Personal matters - My u:card. The new u:card will then replace the "old" student ID.



The u:card is the University of Vienna’s new student ID card. It becomes valid as soon as it has been validated at one of the u:card terminals.

Please click here for the u:card terminals

Distributing the new card

The u:card will be delivered by post to the address you provided in the order (this only applies to EU/EEA countries). Please note that printing and shipping may take up to two weeks.

Postal delivery is not possible for:
Incoming Erasmus+ students and Erasmus+ International Mobility students as well as those on the Non-EU Student Exchange Programme. These students will be able to pick up their u:cards from the International Office. Postgraduate students will be able to collect theirs from the appropriate service center.


The u:card works both as a student ID card and as a library card. When ordering your new u:card via u:space, you will have to accept the library’s terms and conditions in order to use library services.


Do you have any further questions about the u:card? Click here for FAQ.